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For us, FOCUSING ON THE CUSTOMER is the bedrock of our activities. While digitalisation and IT are crucial and beneficial to any business, they are merely a means to an end in achieving your goals. There is no reason why digitalising processes and implementing IT solutions should be a time-consuming and arduous undertaking.
For the best possible outcome, we can step in at the initial stage of identifying your goals.

We will support you in systematically transforming your company into a ditigal service provider and jointly defining your objectives. When it comes to implementing this approach, we design EFFICIENT PROCESSES that give you a decisive edge over your competitors.

We develop CUSTOMISED and BESPOKE solutions using the latest technology for you – from your initial requirements to the rollout phase. But we do not regard that as the end of the project. We take RESPONSIBILITY for the results and, if you prefer, can even operate the solutions ourselves on a daily basis. Only when the RESULT meets your objectives will we have found the right focus for your company.


You could say that the principles that underpin our approach are akin to an unwritten law. The hallmarks of our work are quantifiable SUCCESS and maximising the VALUE we create for our customers.

Although the right way to achieve a goal may not always be the easiest one, as your PARTNER we will tread this path TOGETHER with you. That is why can proudly claim to be more than a pure service provider.

A well-balanced COMBINATION of consultation and hands-on experience form the blueprint of our guidelines for successful projects. “Theoretical” results do not equal added value.


Successful outcomes of collaborative projects can be measured. Expected results are not the same as specific, quantifable targets. We will ensure that you achieve measurable success in your business.

When we implement your project, we can draw on many years of management and practical EXPERIENCE across a wide range of sectors. We have demonstrated this in more than 100 successfully completed PROJECTS. Our EXPERTISE in consultancy and the methods we employ also enables us to jointly meet the challenges that any project may involve and, ultimately, achieve successful outcomes.

Designing the concept

Never-ending technical development and innovation – and sadly also events such as pandemics and societal crises – are placing increasing demand on companies and in ever shorter cycles. The ability to react quickly, accelerate product life cycles, speed up processes for innovation and adapt to unavoidable technological shifts are constant challenges for companies. During this era of rapid transformation, new and innovative strategies are called for. Each project goal requires a strategy and approach adapted to its particular circumstances. In terms of designing a concept, the following strategic drivers stand out:


Digitalisation was a phenomenon that existed long before electronic data processing (EDP) became commonplace in companies. The terms used have been updates and the technology has evolved at breakneck speed. The hype has taken on new forms and recent buzzwords have emerged. At the moment, AI (artificial intelligence) is on everybody’s lips and is reshaping business processes and our daily lives. Cloud computing will become a permanent fixture, even if hybrid approaches (with on-site or on-premises installations) will still be part of the IT landscape for some years to come. Digitalisation is frequently mentioned as synonymous with automation in its various forms.

Using the most suitable technology available and considering all parties involved, the concepts and execution of MC IT Partners create added value by achieving tangible improvements in processes that lead to measureable success – without leaving staff and customers behind or frustrated. The only way to make digitalisation work is by working hand-in-hand with people.

Operational Excellence

It is crucial to ensure that various tools and methods work seamlessly together in order to enhance a company’s overarching strategy and to achieve a continuous optimisation process. Among other things, we combine approaches such as Six Sigma, Voice-of-the-Customer, Customer Journey, Lean Management or Supply Chain Management and adapt them to the specific needs of every customer. Alongside conventional project management methods (PMI, Prince 2, Scrum, etc.), these concepts are incorporated into all our projects.
Operational excellence defines the approach we take to our work, provides us with a solid, methodical basis and goes far beyond the scope of PowerPoint and similar tools.


So, how can companies respond to an unpredictable future? Goals, concepts and strategies have to be adapted and this reqiures an agile approach. A company that rapidly embraces the digital transformation but is not able to flexibly implement it will lag behind its competitors. For instance, our specialist consultants can determine the feasibility of financing innovations for your company as competently and quickly as possible. That is why agility is not simply a technical term of us (“Scrum”, etc.), but is an underlying driver of our activities.
Our consultants place enormous importance on a permanent communication with our partners. As a company, we also focus on dealing with changes in a proactive manner and actively involving the customer in our joint project.

It is more important to us to achieve success with our customers rather than adopting a “revenue-optimised” approach. Not only would this lead to frustration on the part of customers, it would also undermine our long-term, sustainable success. The key is agility.

Examples of projects

M&A Consultancy

Technical due diligence on behalf of a global information processing company in the course of valuing a potential acquisition candidate.

Strategic Consultancy for IT & Sourcing

Identifying the sourcing readiness for the entire IT system and dedicated domains for a multinational information services company.

Process and Organisational Consultancy

Insourcing of IT management for an international telecommunications firm including an analysis of the process-related and organisational requirements as well as the necessary control model.

IT Programme Management

Supporting an IT transformation programme to upgrade and or replace existing core IT systems including a review of existing IT service providers.

Data Management

Assumption of data quality management for a specific SAP cluster to ensure long-term enhancement of data quality for an international pharmaceutical company.

Custom Software Development

Development of a multi-client enabled customer portal based on the latest software development standards.

Offshoring & Nearshoring Services

Transfer of development activities to a team of highly qualified software developers from Eastern Europe (Romania, Poland, Croatia) and Asia (Vietnam) under the direction of our team of greatly experienced German and English-speaking requirements managers, IT architects and project managers.


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