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Enhance your success in the market

MC MARKETING CORPORATION has long been committed to pursuing a clear goal for our customers: To enhance your success in the market by designing and implementing strategies and concepts aligned with your needs and the markets you operate in.
And we are constantly refining them to meet the demands of your own customer base. This approach – of providing consulting services and implementing the measures we have developed over the long term – has propelled us into the upper echelons of management consultancy and service providers within the space of only a few years. At the same time, our customers have achieved resounding success in their respective markets.
We cannot handle every aspect of your business. What we can do is provide everything possible for your marketing, sales and aftersales activities.        We are not a jack of all trades; but we do have offer a full range of solutions for your marketing and sales needs. From market research to coaching; from new product launches to aftersales services.


You could say that the principles that underpin our approach are akin to an unwritten law. The hallmarks of our work are quantifiable SUCCESS and maximising the VALUE we create for our customers.

Although the right way to achieve a goal may not always be the easiest one, as your PARTNER we will tread this path TOGETHER with you. That is why can proudly claim to be more than a pure service provider

We tell our customers what we think and always work in a spirit of partnership and trust.
Working to realise your projects and achieve success for your business is our overriding passion!

The basis of our approach: a clear focus on the customer

MC’s approach to consulting places the focus of every analysis and every concept on what is crucial to the success of your company: YOUR CUSTOMERS.
Consequently, when we conduct an analysis of your company we do not start within the organisation. Instead, MC Marketing & Sales adopts the role of one of your customers or target customer groups, familiarises itself with your business from the perspective of a customer and experiences your services just as your customers do. This creates a unique basis for designing innovative concepts that point the way to better results.

A finger on the PULSE of the MARKET

The transformation of our society is accelerating: digitalisation, social influencing, new developments and innovations, but unfortunately also risk factors such as pandemics and social upheavals, pose more complex and increasingly frequent challenges for companies. The ability to react quickly, respond to more rapid product life cycles, speed up processes for innovation and develop products that meet the requirements of the market are suited to this era of transformation are essential. Each project goal requires a strategy and approach adapted to its particular circumstances as well as a lightning-fast response. We can support you in all phases of this process – from designing a strategy for innovation through to the go-to-market stage.


MC Consulting is not a cumbersome organisation but, rather, a network of specialists and competence centres that act swiftly and flexibly.
Our workforce is made up of genuine team players who know their field of expertise inside out, make smart use of the connections and synergies with other divisions and are aware of the limitations of what is feasible. In this way, we can develop transparent approaches, identify the best options and stay the course towards finding the most successful solutions.


Analytic and consultative work on strategic, conceptual aspects is only the first step.
But we go much further than that and are committed to ensuring our proposals are put into practice – to prove that we can create added value for you, not just in theory but in the marketplace as well. Our approach: better consulting, better execution.

Rather than simply working on and presenting standardised, theoretical concepts that end up in a drawer, we sit down with you and discuss them. We listen to you, ask questions and question existing structures and processes. We speak openly, sometimes about contraversial issues, but always constructively. Until a solution is found that everyone can be proud of.


At every level of MC Consulting, you will discover experts with an entrepreneurial mindset who can make a tangible difference in your company. They provide fresh impetus to your business while always considering the overall implications for the customer.
Rather than just looking at a single department, they have an eye on the big picture. That is why they make comprehensive proposals that have a lasting impact and implement them in close collaboration with the customer. That is why we regard ourselves not so much as external consultants, but more as in-house partners with the advantage of being able to look at things from the outside.

This approach obviously means a greater commitment and a more effort on our part. But, most importantly, it delivers more benefits for you:
A better understanding of your situation, a greater focus on solutions and, above all, more success.
That is what really counts in the end.

Overview of our services

Marketing consulting

  • Marketing audit
  • Portfolio analyses
  • Benchmarking studies
  • Brand consulting
  • Brand analysis and assessment
  • Brand protection (recovering and securing sales from product and brand piracy)
  • Product portfolio analyses
  • Marketing planning
  • Innovation management
  • Target group segmentation
  • Product launch concepts
  • Product relaunches
  • Professional moderation of agency pitch process
  • Quality management
  • Dialogue marketing
  • Customer relationship management
  • New customer acquisition concepts
  • Customer loyalty programmes
  • M&A strategies
  • Efficiency analyses for marketing budgets

Sales consulting

  • Sales audit
  • Market potential analysis
  • Sales process analysis
  • Retail audit
  • Multi-channel strategy
  • Distribution strategy
  • Competition strategy
  • Strategy to tap new sales channels
  • Customer classification
  • Restructuring organisational structures and processes
  • Category management concepts
  • Designing trade marketing concepts
  • Sales planning process
  • Analysis and strategies for prices, margins and conditions
  • Identification of distribution partners
  • Outsourcing fieldwork organisation
  • Sales information systems
  • Sales controlling
  • Grey market control

Market research

  • Knowledge management
  • Segmentations
  • Competition analyses
  • Ethnographic research
  • Meet your customer workshops
  • Consumer insight studies
  • Shopper research
  • Forecasting models
  • Image analyses
  • Brand health checks
  • Core brand analyses
  • Brand valuation models
  • Brand potential studies
  • Positioning models
  • Benchmarking
  • Employee surveys
  • Trend research
  • Idea screening
  • Creative workshops
  • Sequential recycling
  • Concept testing
  • Product testing
  • Eye-tracking
  • Tracking studies
  • Competitor monitoring
  • Mystery shopping
  • Customer satisfaction studies


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