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MC Marketing & Sales

Consulting services for marketing, sales and market research

Achieve greater market success

Our experience, know-how and focus on the customer help you succeed


MC IT Partners

Smart digital consulting and

IT consulting, concept design and execution

Customised, state-of-the-art solutions focused on the customer


MC Human Resources

HR consulting, HR management and executive search

HR consulting and executive search

Outstanding and rapid solutions to ensure your success


MC Digital

Digital strategy, digital marketing and digital QM

Digital strategies, concepts and execution quality

The digital building block to achieve greater performance

IT Consulting and execution service

Focusing on the customer

MC MARKETING CORPORATION has been striving to achieve a clear goal for our customers for more than 30 years:
To boost your success in the market.
The focus has always been on understanding your customers’ perspective. Our customers have come to appreciate this approach of providing long-term consulting services and realising the measures we develop.

As seasoned professionals, we are here to support you with expertise and passion in the core areas we specialise in.

The advantages for you

Thanks to our wealth of experience, proven expertise and commitment, which is highly valued by our customers, MC Marketing Corporation is the ideal partner for companies of all sizes. We can deliver a bespoke concept that is designed to meet your specific requirements and demands, while always focusing on your customers.


Your tasks are as unique as your company. As a partner with a track record of implementing successful projects, we ensure that you benefit from precisely tailored strategies, concepts and execution.

Proven expertise

Your consultants from MC Marketing Corporation are experienced professionals with business acumen. They make a tangible difference on the ground, provide fresh impetus and always go the extra mile.

Modern & visionary with a clear emphasis on feasibility

We combine the latest trends and cutting-edge know-how with the needs of the market and of customers thanks to our experience in projects across various sectors and disciplines. Together with you, we can help shape the future.

Rapid results

As digitalisation becomes ever more entrenched, the ability to act quickly will increasingly hold the key to success. We are always ready to provide you with a perfectly tailored strategy AND the speed you need to implement it.

Achieving success as a team

Working as a team produces the best results. Our specialists are seasoned team players – forming the basis for excellent results.

Focusing on added value for the customer

If you can create meaningful added value with your custoemrs, you have a solid foundation for success. We provide you with all-round support in accurately calibrating and optimally leveraging the key factors for your success.


About us

MC Marketing Corporation GmbH was originally established in 1988 by Horst Jepp. Meanwhile, the company is being run by the managing partners Horst Jepp and Thomas Berns, with the latter having a key role in shaping the company’s development since 2014.

Our values

Since it was founded, MC Marketing Corporation GmbH has been committed to the very highest standards of consulting ethics. This defines our corporate culture just as it does our day-to-day business operations. And we live by it day in and day out.

This is why we stand out from the crowd:

  • We focus on the customer – not on ourselves
  • The MC Marketing & Sales, MC Digital, MC IT Partners and MC Human Resources closely coordinate with each other to avoid delivering piecemeal solutions to our customers
  • We maintain a sharp focus on achieving results and strive to exceed our customers’ expectations at all times
  • We are committed to the highest levels of professionalism, quality and ethical standards in everything we do
  • We are creative in constantly working with our customers to find the smartest solutions rather than necessarily the most expensive ones
  • We work methodically and are highly proficient with the latest technological developments
  • We get straight to the heart of the matter with complete transparency and embrace an open error culture
  • We work in a pragmatic way, putting the solution at the forefront
  • We think of ourselves as ONE team with our customers and aim to achieve results that meet everyone’s expectations

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